The newest social technologies
We provide our clients an opportunity to innovate their business style ranging from collaboration across organization to knowledge-sharing and business improvement.
Real time cpllaboration
Our clients are able to share and coordinate promptly with people, information, projects within company in real-time.
Industry leadingachievement and stability
We provide the world’s best enterprise social network as the world’s first enterprise social network developer.
Consulting services to a solution of a variety of management problems
By analyzing our client’s challenges and user behavior, we are providing the best solution to maximize the cost-effectiveness.

Case StudiesList


Media(Japanese): Mynavi news posted "Beat Communication adds new features to Beat Shuffle for global operations of a company".

Media(Japanese): RBB TODAY news posted "Beat Communication, enterprise social package provider unveiled global invitation features which enables cross border projects".

Media(Japanese): CNET Japan posted "Beat Communication, enterprise social package provider, starting invitation features which enables enterprises enhance cross border projects".

Press Release(Japanese): Beat Communication unveiling global participant features that enables social communication between headquarters, foreign branches, foreign subsidiaries and agencies between countries.

Media(Japanese): RBB TODAY posted "Beat Communication unveiles the latest version of Beat Shuffle".

Media(Japanese): Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper posted "Beat Communication, unveiled invitation features to enhancing social communication between companies, their goal introducing Beat Shuffle to 5000 companies".

Media(Japanese): "ITmedia Japan posted "Beat Shuffle, enterprise social network solution, brings new work style to Japanese companies."

Press Release(Japanese): "Beat Communication sets up new social technology consulting team for messaging service on smartphones and smart devices."

Media(Japanese): RBB TODAY Japan posted "Beat Communication, enterprise social pioneer, releasing native applications for smartphones for Beat Shuffle".

Media(Japanese): Zaikei Newspaper posted "Beat Communication, releasing native applications for IOS and android OS on smartphones".

Press Release(Japanese): Beat Communication will unveil native applications for iOS and android OS on smartphones as of March 23, 2015.

Media(Japanese): Cloud watch posted Beat Communication started supplying on-premises social software ".

Media(Japanese): Itmedia posted "The end of mail dominant era, and the rise of enterprise social era"

Press Release(Japanese): Beat Communication upgrades Beat Shuffle making it compatible with LDAP and SAML. Also, single sign-on becomes possible with windows server accounts.

Special interview(Japanese): Ryo Murai of Beat Communication talk with Kozo Hiramatsu, the former president of Livedoor "What still lacks within the Japanese company for women to work, under monetary policies of Shinzo Abe called Abenomics ".

Special interview(Japanese): Interview with Beat Communication & Salesforce "Innovating companies of enterprise social".

Holiday Closing Notice(Japanese): Please be informed that, due the winter holiday, we will be closing from Dec 27th 2014 to Jan 4th 2015.

Press Release(Japanese): Beat Communication unveil new features on Beat Shuffle. These new features are community setup, ng word pick up and google analytics.

Press Release(Japanese): Enterprise social Beat Shuffle installed at ITX, leading distributer of mobile phones in Japan. Streaming feature added to the system "Good Job".

Media(Japanese): Yomiuri Newspaper wrote an article on Beat Shuffle and workstyle changes for Japanese women.

Special interview(Japanese): Special interview between Beat Communication and Sophia. "Can enterprise social which helped overcome Japanese earthquake change the future of business communication?"

Holiday Closing Notice(Japanese):

Press Release(Japanese): Beat Communication buys "", the first social networking blog news media in Japan. Beat Communication will redesign and start a new site from Oct 21st, 2014.

Press Release(Japanese): Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting deploy Beat Shuffle, building their intranet communication system "THiNK" implementing on 1000 employees.

Press Release(Japanese): Mitsui Fudosan Facilities deploy Beat Shuffle.

Press Release(Japanese): Beat Communication unveil portal site feature on Beat Shuffle.

Press Release(Japanese): Beat Communication unveiled time line, file and global notice features on Beat Shuffle.

Press Release(Japanese): Beat Communication strengthened features on usage analytics on Beat Shuffle.


Seminar(Japanese): Annual meeting of Knowledge Management Society of Japan will be held at Senshu University on March 21, 2015. Koishi Yosuke from Beat Communication will give a speech of enterprise social.

Seminar(Japanese): Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital International Conference will be held at Waseda University on Dec 3, 2014. Ryo Murai, the CEO of Beat Communication will give a speech of enterprise social and healthcare.

Seminar(Japanese): Knowledge Management Society of Japan will hold Knowledge Management Conference in Tokyo for strategies on intra corporate use of wisdom and social media. Koishi Yosuke from Beat Communication will give a speech of enterprise social.

Seminar(Japanese): Beat Communication will hold a conference for "Team building through communication using enterprise social".

Seminar(Japanese): Beat Communication invited to give a lecture at e-Learning Awards 2012 Forum.

Seminar(Japanese): Beat Communication and IP Techno will hold joint seminar for enterprise social.

Beat Communication sponsorship seminar holds in Tue, December 13 in Tokyo!Publication commemoration seminar of "Shock of Google+" which is the social-media strategy of a success company. The "shock of Google+" publish commemoration seminar for the zone of management of a company, the management planning department, and advertisement / PR section is held on Tue., December 13

[ Google+ seminar ] holds in Wed, August 31 in Tokyo! It has been aimed at the zone of management of a company, the management planning department, and advertisement / PR section.

A social technology seminar is held on Thurs, July 14! It has been aimed at the zone of management of a company, the management planning department, and advertisement / PR section

Facebook marketing seminar holds in Wed, June 22 in Tokyo! "The Facebook marketing seminar studied to an overseas success example" is for management plan of a company, advertisement / PR section, and IT-related persons.