About installation of our products

How much time does it take for installation?
As for SaaS solution, the earliest would be about one day after the contract.
We want to use Social Technology, but we don’t know what type of social technology we should use.
Please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will think what technology would best fit your company.
We are thinking large scale community, over million users. Is that possible?
Our service has been tested through stress tests by several companies and was proven to withstand large number of users, so we assume there would be no real problem.
Can we get advice after the system installation?
We are always here for you. Please contact us any time.
Can we increase users and change the license type in the future as the community increase?
No problem. Please contact us a day or two before the number of users reaches near your license limit.

Program Customization

Can you customize your SaaS products to fit our needs?
Yes we are available to customize the package.
We want an original design for our company.
We have a professional graphic designer to fulfill your requirement.
Can you help us to build up a company site interacting with your Social Technology?
Yes we can.


What is application development language?
Our program is developed with JAVA.
Do you offer mobile social networking services?
Our Social Networking System offers mobile system as well. Most features can be used from the mobile phone.
How many facilitators do we need at the start of the service?
It depends on the purpose of the service and the number of users, but we assume 3-4 people should join the service as facilitators. They would just have to write for 10 to 20 minutes at the beginning so full commitment is not always required.
We want to sell your Social networking service to other companies.
If you are willing to be our sales agency, mail with subject line as “sales agency request” and let us know the company name, contact person, the company you’re going to sell and their budget if you already know. If you are accepted as our agent you are welcomed to sell our product.

Other Questions

Could you give a lecture about Social Networking Services in Japan?
Please contact our public relations with the information of the lecture date, event, and the audience number.