There are number of solutions that a social network can provide as the number of clients.
For example
“Want to improve the communication environment in office”
“Want to share knowledge”
“Improve work procedures”
“Agree on the importance of adapting social network but don’t know where to start”
“Decided to implement to social technology within their company
but is in confident on the operation of that technology”
“Would like to know how the other companies are implementing the social technology
within their company or for business or for social media marketing.
Would like to know the recent trends of social networking.”

Our goal is not to sell the social technology by itself, but solving the problems that
a customer faces together, backing them up using the newest social technology as one approach.

List of services that we provide

Consul for System Installation / Preparing for the project

・Checking on the system environment
・Making clear of goals and visions
・Scheduling of system install
・Creating proposal on behalf
・Gathering data for the proposal
・Presentation to management
・Study session for implementing
 social technology
・Writing necessary paper works and
 participating the project meeting.

Checking System Requirements

・Explanation of the functions over all
・Fixing system requirements
・Suggestion for customization
・System design
・Network design support
・Proposal of connecting the social
 platform to other systems
・Review data migration method

Developing management manual

・Making policies for the community
・Building management team for
・Support making manuals for

Building Operation Schedule

・Support for making action plans
・Writing terms of service and
 privacy policies
・Building risk management plans
・Operations for user registration
 and various settings
・Monitor & report on behalf


・Process design for facilitation of
 the community
・Training facilitators
・Holding Seminars
・Event Planning, Support for the launch

Preparation for starting the community

・Educating community operators
・Modifying operation manuals
 through tests
・Security test, vulnerability test

[Recommendation for customers below] Want full professional support from the beginning to end.

Customer Support

Answering questions from Users
From the usage of social networking to service claim, we can prepare customer support contact desk.

[Recommendation for customers below]
There is no resource inside the company to carry out the plan, so we would like to outsource everything to professionals.