Facilitation Support

For the socialnetworking service it is important for the manager to not only provide the service, but also support continuously so that the user can properly use the service. Beat Communication provides the facilitation know how to maximize the use of social network based on the experience of past implementation.

Services we provide

Samples of the services we provide

・Building together the facilitation process  ・Training facilitators  ・Opening Seminars for facilitators  ・On-site training  
・Holding regular meetings with the system manager  ・Planning and supporting of the event  ・Support of Internal Publicity

[Recommendations for users below]
・Don’t know what to do for the operation of social networking sites.  ・Education support for operation staff

Site Monitoring

We will support according to your needs for the monitoring of social networking service such as personal or confidential information protection and system surveillance.

System Monitor

Efficient monitoring would be possible by automatically monitoring and alerting system which previously restricted words are registered. When the restricted words are detected, depending on the level of the risk, the manager can erase or alert the user writing that word.

[Recommendations for users below]
・To remove harmless comments and provide a good environment for the user.
・Lacking in know-how and human support.

Data analysis of user behavior

We analyze and provide the weekly or monthly report for the use of social networking site colleting all kinds of data. Taking reference of login & written data inside the social network, we frequently conduct operational reviews and support the smooth operation of the social network. This could be used as a report to the management side.

[Recommendations for users below]
・Must report the usage of the social network to the
 management side regular basis, but does not have the time.
・For people who wants to utilize the site on regular basis.

Creating the documents

For the management of the social networking service that the customer will provide, policies and rules and manners must be clear in sentences and in order for them to be kept certain direction must be shown. We support the documentation of “Social Media Guidelines”, ”Terms & Conditions”, “Privacy Policies”.

[Recommendations for users below]
・Can’t handle all legal document by oneself.
・Want to protect user’s personal information.
・There is no one in the company that specializes in this field.