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Beat Communication’s mission is to accomplish client’s goals and dreams through ICT. We will create new methods with clients in order to improve for the better world.

We usually consider of how we can create a more affluent society, making a strong effort to move into multitudes of projects such as socially meaningful role, to innovate World’s structure. On the other hand, we will not put in hand on projects which cannot make a difference in the world or has harmful effects.

Beat Communication creates new services to meet our client’s needs that there is nothing better than the pleasure succeeding its project carried out by both our customers and us. We will step forward with an immense effort to improve human-society, culture and technical as we keep working through on problems and solutions in the future.

Beat Communication Co, Ltd
President & Chief Executive Officer, Ryo Murai

Introduction of officers

Ryo Murai/CEO

Graduated from Keio University in 1994. After joining a major Japanese bank, studied at Japan-America Management Economy in Leonard Stern Business School on NYU in 1996. In 2002, became the visiting researcher of the University of California. In 2004, established Beat Communication Co.,Ltd. From there, started selling the first SNS in Japan.

Masaru Murai/Director

Graduated from University of Kansaigakuin in 1960. Graduated from California Graduated school Of Management in 1962. Joined U.S. IBM and became Far Eastern Head Office Manager of IBM and Communication Business Headquarter General Manager in Japan IBM. In 1991, became president of Compaq Computer Japanese Corporation. After retirement, working as a director and adviser for multiple venture companies since 1998.

Jiro Kokuryo/Adviser

Graduated from Tokyo University in 1982 and joined NTT. In 1988, studied business administration in Harvard・Business school and  became researcher. In 1993, became Assistant professor of graduate school at Keio University. In 2003, became professor of Environmental information department at Keio University. In 2005, became SFC researcher director at Keio University and now, Integrated policy dean at Keio University.