What is Beat Shuffle?

Beat Shuffle is an innovative enterprise social technology. We are providing our clients opportunities ranging from collaboration across departments to sharing intelligence and raising productivity. With this technology, they are able to change ways of inter-corporate communications, reform the corporate culture, and create new business.

Providing the newest social technologies

Beat Shuffle has a wide range of functions including the newest social technologies. For example, you can use Mini-blog as same as Twitter in a case to share information in a real-time. In another case to discuss within a big and important project team, you can make use of Group. Moreover, you can use of Questions & Answers in order to acquire advices from others within a corporation.

Innovative design and usability than ever before

We are aiming to providing the best usability compared to other inter-corporate social network services. There is a wide range of employee’s age and their IT literacy. So, we are making the best effort to provide intuitive services for everyone.

Ways of using are limitless

Each corporation has their own way of using Beat Shuffle. Our clients are able to solve their problems with the help of our service. With our technology, users are able to send out information, and eliminate the information gap between departments, and inherit knowledge across departments, create new business opportunities, and collaborate with business units across national and international sites.

The Best performance and stability

Our clients, ranging from small enterprises to large ones are using Beat Shuffle as a platform of communication within company. We regard the loss of a second in using our system as the loss of a great opportunity. It is designed around stable performance, even if used simultaneously by a large number of users. On top of this, security is our priority.

With any device, any place

We are planning to support iPhone/iPad/Android/Conventional Mobile Cell Phone. So you can access our services with any device, anywhere, any time.

Customizable to add application to solve problems

By opening up the platform, a variety of applications can be developed by vendors. Our clients are able to add application which helps them to solve their problems.

Able to accelerate your business

System administrators can analyze enormous amounts of data and information exchanged through the site. Using artificial intelligence techniques such as statistics, they can lead to create new business rules and ways.

The biggest advantage is scalability

We are using OSGi, which means Open Services Gateway initiative. The biggest advantage is scalability. It can be adjusted to new development easily and does not bloat the system with additional functions. So, it can be easily extended later on. You can add or remove applications without rebooting a server. Beat Shuffle is delivering a flexible and highest performance and stability.