Case Studies

From global companies to public companies,
we have brought success to all kinds of customers.
Below is just part of the successful episodes
from companies of some industry.

Management Innovation

NTT Data

Management innovation created by collaboration work, using the enterprise social network has solved the sectionalism that had been there.

Industry: Information System

Sompo Insurance Japan Inc.

Building skills for professionals by sharing knowledge and intelligence of a insurance company.

Industry: Finance / Insurance

NTT Finance

Empowering and educating the middle management layer raising standards of the employee.

Industry: Finance

Productivity of Sales and Marketing Activities

Canon Marketing Japan

Visualizing the sales and marketing activities and increasing productivity of 20,500 employees.

Industry: Retail

Mitsui Fudosan Residential

Strengthening inner communication, spreading Credo and at the same time increasing revenue of sales by sharing experience and techniques.

Industry: Real Estate

NTT East

One of the oldest enterprise social network in the world. The goal of this site is to create communication, maximizing performance and increasing revenue for sales.

Industry: Information and Technology

Innovation of their work environment and corporate culture


Building creative collaboration work space bringing new ideas and creating a better environment for the employees.

Industry: Retail /Shopping

IP Techno Service

Sharing ideas with employees sent outside their company and building connection and good relationship with the engineers updating their knowledge.

Industry: Information Technology

Business support & improving productivity within the office

Nippon Kowa Insurance

Supporting to build a more productive and convenient environment for employees, especially for women.

Industry: Finance/ Insuarance

Japan ATM

Building the platform for improving the communication environment for the call center.

Industry: Manufacturing

Exchange of information and learning support

Reitaku University

Campus network to solve the mismatching in Job hunting.

Industry: Education/Human Resource

TX Entrepreneur Partners

Exchange of information & support sharing platform for the entrepreneurs.

Industry: Entrepreneurship