Beat Shuffle

The main market share of enterprise social network

We are the world’s first enterprise social network developer since 2003.
Many companies and organizations’ success stories were achieved with our help.

The biggest market share holder of enterprise social networks in Japan

Trusted by Japanese major companies

More than 300 companies and organizations have used our social network services. Our technology supports our clients to change their ways of intra-corporate communication, to eliminate the information gap across departments and regions, to create new business opportunities, and more.

Our clients

Our Clients include Canon Marketing Japan, NTT-East, NTT DATA Group, Nipponkoa Insurance, Sompo Japan Insurance, Bals, Mitsui Fudosan Residential, SBI Life Living etc.

Experienced excellent consulting support

Able to help you solve business problems

All companies have problems in business. We are providing our clients with the means to solve problems of all kinds, ranging from managing marketing initiatives, to planning and executing business strategy, and cost reduction, human resource development, and more. By taking advantage of our thorough knowledge and wide experience in this field, we are able to support you with the help of our products.

Experienced, excellent before/after support

We are providing not only our exquisite services but also excellent before/after support in the form of consulting and maintenance.

Developing system with the latest technology

Achievement of scalability adapting OSGi

Adapting OSGi, the biggest advantage is scalability. It can be adjusted to new development easily and does not bloat the system with additional functions. So, it can be easily extended later on. In the long run, Beat Shuffle enables our clients to develop the highest performance.

Supplying open development environment

We are planning to releasing an API in the near future and widen the door for application vendors and independent programmers so that we fasten products development circles and meet our clients’ needs.

Engineering and secure environment focusing on intra-company use

Engineering strength
for enterprise social network

We have led the enterprise social network industry since 2003. We have not only rich customization experience but also excellent technical strength. Therefore, we are holding the best engineering service in an industry-leading level.

A high security environment

By developing our services step by step, we enable our clients to take advantage from using our products for the best performance and outcome in business. Besides, we have conducted vulnerability testing to ensure a high security environment at all times.